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We supply our signature Value Boxes to clients free of charge on specified dates. We can store many other items and the prices for those items are listed below. Our pricing structure is simple and most items fall into one of four pricing categories (small, standard, large and extra large).

It is very important to note that our minimum monthly order is 4 months or 1 semester! You can store for a shorter period of time but we do not prorate.

The total cost to store our Value Box for the whole summer is only $32!

Signature "Value Box"


(Only $8.00 per month!)

The Lowest Price Around!

Now Only...


(Other Items)

Small Items


That's only $5 per month!

Small Box (< 2 cubic feet)

Poster Box

Small Bag

Small Mirror

Coffee Maker

Desk Lamp

Hand Bag

Ironing Board

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Standard Items


That's only $8.75 per month!

Standard Box (<4 cubic feet)

Standard Bag

Carry-on Luggage


Small TV < 23"

Standing Lamp

Standard Bin

Cube Mini-Fridge


Folding Chair

Small Rug (< 4'x6')

Laundry Basket

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Large Items


That's only $11.25 per month!

Large Box (<5 cubic feet)

Large Bag

Large Luggage

Standard TV > 22"

Large Bin

Plastic Drawers

Standard Mini-Fridge

Large Rug (4'x6')

Guitar (in case)

Desk Chair

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Extra Large Items


That's only $13.75 per month!

XL Box

XL Bag

XL Luggage

Large TV > 30"

XL Plastic Drawers

XL Bin

XL Rug (>6'x8')

Large Mini-Fridge

Bean Bag Chair

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Clarity on Pricing

Since the list is not exhaustive of all items that we store, generally, box, bin and luggage-type items greater than 4 cubic feet (the size of a TCB Value Box) will qualify as a "Large" item. Any similar item greater than 5 cubic feet (think a very large box) will qualify as an "Extra Large" item. Items that are 4 cubic feet or less will be deemed a "Standard" item unless we determine that the size or weight would qualify the item to be a "Small" item. Some items are slotted in a particular category due to special care that needs to be taken to handle or store. If you have any questions about the price of your storage please call or email us prior to signing up.  

Miscellaneous Items

(semester rates - 4 months)

Mattress Pad (rolled)

Twin Mattress

Twin Box Spring

Full/Queen Mattress

Full/Queen Box Spring

Bed Frame (small steel)


Vacuum Cleaner

XL TV 42" or >

Oversized Items

(couches, dressers, etc.)

$35 ($40 w/ bag)








$62 and up

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Special Fees

(one-time charge)

In Room Pickup Service

In Room Delivery Service

Extra Insurance (max $600)

Overweight Box (>60lbs)

Mattress Bag

Other Fees



$5/$100 increment (per semester)

50% item surcharge

$10 each bag

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The College Butler partners with UPS to provide shipping services for students. The College Butler passes on the exact UPS shipping charge to customers and also assesses a very small per-item "handling fee" for collecting the items, transporting the items to a local UPS store and arranging the shipment through UPS.

Students who store other items with us:

$10 per item handling fee plus Standard UPS Shipping Charges

*Students who use us for shipping only:

$15 per item handling fee plus Standard UPS Shipping Charges

*Students who use our pack & store service and only need items shipped will be assessed the $15 per item handling fee (plus $3 per box provided). Those who are storing items with us in addition to needing shipping will only be charged the $10 per item handling fee.
Note that we typically do not provide additional services for shipping special items such as bicycles that are not already disassembled, or fragile antiques/expensive artwork that require special packaging or crating. Additional charges would apply for these types of items at a rate determined by a College Butler manager. Contact us for pricing on special items.


All storage pricing is based on a per semester basis. Therefore, those studying abroad during the fall semester and returning in January will be charged for 2 semesters of storage. 

*Those storing for 2 semesters or more will receive a 10% discount off 2nd semester pricing.

*This offer is only valid for orders of $100 or greater. Cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

Extending Your Storage

For summer storage purposes a "semester" is defined as a period of 3-4 months, generally beginning in early May and extending to mid-late August. Storage picked up or delivered significantly earlier than May or significantly later than the end of August will be charged at the monthly rate for any additional months stored.

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