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College Shipping Services



Need a box or luggage shipped home? We have you covered. The College Butler partners with UPS to provide shipping services to customers who want some or all of their items shipped back home or to another location. Shipping prices are determined by UPS depending on the item size, weight and shipping location. 


The College Butler partners with UPS to provide shipping services for students. The College Butler passes on the exact UPS shipping charge to customers and also assesses a very small per-item "handling fee" for collecting the items, transporting the items to a local UPS store and arranging the shipment through UPS. If UPS requires special packing of certain unboxed items, those packing and supply fees would also apply.

Ready to Get Started?

Click to go to your school's page to sign up or find out more!

*There is no charge to sign up and we will not ask for credit card information until after your pickup!


For Students who Store with Us


*Plus UPS Shipping Charges

For Students who are ONLY Shipping


*Plus UPS Shipping Charges

*Plus $3 per box supplied by us

*Students who use our pickup or pack & store service and only need items shipped will be assessed the $15 per item handling fee (plus $3 per box provided). Those who are storing items with us in addition to needing shipping will only be charged the $10 per item handling fee.

*To qualify for the $10/item rate, at least 50% of the student's final bill must be derived from storage charges (for example, if a student has 10 items and the student decides to ship 9 of the items and only store 1, the student would not qualify for the $10/item rate).

Note that we typically do not provide additional services for shipping special items such as bicycles that are not already disassembled, or fragile antiques/expensive artwork that require special packaging or crating. Additional charges would apply for these types of items at a rate determined by a College Butler manager. Contact us for pricing on special items.
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