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How it Works

You Sign Up Online

Once you are ready to get started the first step is to sign up online. You may sign up by filling out your school's form. It is absolutely FREE to sign up and you will not be billed until we pick your items up on your appointed date.

We Deliver Packing Supplies

The College Butler offers FREE boxes and tape to any client who uses our service. We deliver these boxes to you at an arranged location on campus near your dorm/residence. Visit your school's page to see specific dates and locations.

You Pack Your Items

Once you receive your boxes you may pack your items at your convenience. You should note that we do store many other items besides boxes. Some examples can be found on our pricing page.

We Pick Up Your Items

You can expect our crew to arrive within the window provided to you on your specified delivery date. Our crew will pick the items up right outside the lobby of your building unless you select "room service" in which case we will pick the items up right inside your dorm room.

We Store Your Items Safely

After your items are picked up our crew will load them into the truck and transport to our local facility. Your items will remain in storage safe and sound until you are ready to come back to campus.

We Deliver Your Items When You Return

Once you return to campus we will return your items within a window provided to you on your specified delivery date. Don't know when you will return to campus? That's fine! We will be sending you periodic reminders about the delivery date selection deadline.

Lowest cost provider for school storage

Professional moving staff and customer service

Automatic $100 declared value insurance on items

No outrageous or unnecessary additional fees

All efforts made to be punctual and on time

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