Transparency on Additional Fees

Other companies will hide their outrageous fees in their terms & conditions. This is their way around promising you one price and then slapping you with a bill after you already use their service. We are completely transparent with all of the additional fees that we charge for special situations. You can see a list of all potential fees below.

For most customers, these fees will not apply. While one of our goals is to ban ridiculous fees we understand that some modest fees are necessary for us to operate and accommodate clients in special situations. If you have any questions regarding these additional fees please contact

All fees listed below are one-time flat charges.

Service Fees

In Room Pickup Service

In Room Delivery Service

Extra Insurance (max $600)


Mattress Bag (protection)



$5/100 increment

(per semester)

$10 each bag

Convenience Charges

Missed Appointment

Leaking Fridge

Bed Frame Service

(includes disassembly and assembly)

TV Protection Service

(required for TVs >32" not in box)

Overweight Box (>60lbs)

Unlabeled Item

Improperly Packed Box

Appointment Cancellation

Access to Box in Warehouse

Payment past due

Payment 10+ days past due





50% item surcharge






$10 + $1 per additional day

Special Requests

Center City Pickup*

Out of Window Pickup

Out of Window Delivery

$50 - *See Below



*Center City Pickup denotes a pickup east of the Schuylkill River heading toward Center City. UPenn and Drexel Campuses and their surrounding areas are not considered Center City Pickups.